Astaé's reputation has been built around the litigation of rupture. The firm's successes on all types of dismissals (economic, personal and fault) are numerous and some have received wide media coverage.

Thanks to their experience in this field, Astaé's lawyers are quickly able to inform their clients of the chances of success of their case or to tell them whether it is preferable not to contest the dismissal.

Even when an executive feels that his or her dismissal is not questionable, it may be in his or her best interest to consult a labor law specialist, especially if he or she feels that his or her career has not gone smoothly. It is not uncommon for us to identify other heads of wrongdoing that are not directly related to the dismissal.

Note that it is not because the matter is referred to the Prud'homme Council that all hope of a transaction is destroyed. A good proportion of our files are the subject of a settlement in the course of proceedings.