Main assets

A true specialization resulting from more than 20 years of exclusive practice

As in the medical field, when the problem encountered presents a certain degree of technicality, it is imperative to consult a specialist.

Depuis plus de 20 ans, les avocats d’Astaé ont accumulé une expérience unique, les positionnant parmi les meilleurs spécialistes sur l’ensemble des sujets concernant les dirigeants et les expatriés, notamment pour l’exécution ou la rupture des relations de travail.

Astaé a acquis une connaissance approfondie des techniques de rémunération spécifiques aux dirigeants des grands groupes et aux expatriés, ainsi que des particularités propres à certaines professions : gestionnaires de fonds (carried), consultants, traders, avocats, journalistes…

This specialization is all the more fundamental since in France, labor law is undoubtedly the legal subject that evolves the most frequently.

A tenacious and credible interlocutor in front of the employer

While Astaé's lawyers prefer, as a matter of principle, to negotiate, when the employer is unreasonable, every effort is made to bring the proceedings to a conclusion in the interest of our clients. In some cases, and contrary to the adage, a good trial is better than a bad settlement.

Over the years, this tenacity marked by pragmatism has forged Astaé's reputation with certain large groups and the lawyers who advise them, who know that, while remaining confraternal, Astaé's lawyers are never complacent.

Une analyse objective et exhaustive de votre dossier

As our daily activity is dedicated to the specific issues of executives and expatriates, we have developed a detailed understanding of their challenges and a particular approach on how to deal with their cases.

In a termination dispute, far from limiting ourselves to negotiating a severance payment quantified in terms of a number of months, by applying the new scales, or with an approximative measurement, Astaé apprehends the situation in its entirety.

For an executive, the most advantageous solution does not necessarily consist in "leaving as soon as possible with a check". On the contrary, it can be interesting to do everything possible to preserve the job, even if only temporarily.

An innovative firm, attentive to its clients' needs

Astaé's modus operandi takes into account the stress inherent in crisis situations and management functions. Availability, empathy and the ability to react in an emergency situation, as an unfailing partner of our clients, are an integral part of our approach.

In contentious matters, if the firm considers as a matter of principle that it is preferable to negotiate, the client remains the sole judge of the final decision.

Over the past 20 years, the strategies and solutions proposed by Astaé have often been innovative... before being enshrined in case law. This has been the case with regard to key concepts such as moral harassment, the obligation of employees' safety, the recognition of workplace accidents in the event of psychological shock, the different types of discrimination and social responsibility.

Structural absence of conflict of interest

For the managers of large groups, the risk of turning to a lawyer who advises their employer or a company in the same group is not nil. By turning to Astaé, this risk is totally eliminated. Working exclusively for managers or expatriates, we are never in a conflict of interest situation!

Knowing this specificity, many business firms recommend our services to overcome their own conflicts of interest. They do so all the more willingly because they know that the executive will be in expert hands.

Absolute Confidentiality

In order for Astaé to be able to advise you in the most efficient and useful way possible, a relationship of trust must be built up between us. The strictest respect for confidentiality helps to establish this climate of trust.

Of course, Astaé guarantees absolute confidentiality of the information communicated within the framework of the treatment of the files.