Strategic Positioning

A niche practice

Astaé is the first law firm entirely dedicated to advising and defending executives, corporate officers, managers, senior executives and expatriates..

It acts exclusively in the interests of executives linked to the company by an employment contract or a corporate mandate (or a combination of both), as well as expatriates, foreign executives and managers working in France (impatriates).

Our clients generally work for multinationals, large French groups, global network firms or companies under LBO, operating in various industrial sectors, including: banking, insurance, pharmaceutical laboratories, luxury goods, asset management, auditing, consulting, law, etc.

An all-inclusive offer for executives

Astaé's services, both in consulting and litigation, are totally oriented towards the legal, tax and social needs of executives, managers and expatriates. The firm assists them at every stage of their professional life:

  • Negotiation of entry conditions
  • Career Milestones
    • Acceptance of social mandate
    • Expatriation - Secondment
    • Change in compensation, Evaluation, Promotion
    • Requalification of the employment contract
    • Delegation of responsibilities
    • Profit-sharing mechanisms
    • Unfair competition
    • Involvement of personal liability
  • Negociation of a departure compensation
  • Defense in the event of a sudden departure (dismissal or revocation)

A clientele with specific needs

Leaders often become so invested in their work that they neglect their personal interests and family life.

When they discover that they have been wronged (a forced departure, a bonus unjustly refused, a seriously unbalanced pact, etc.) or, in the case of expatriates, a premature repatriation without an offer of reintegration, they generally experience a strong sense of frustration.

Their needs for assistance and advice are then specific. First and foremost, they want to turn to truly specialized experts, able to offer them concrete solutions. Astaé then positions itself as a privileged interlocutor.

A small structure that "has all the makings of a big one".

To protect their interests, executives look for lawyers who are as professional and committed as the business lawyers they work or have worked with on behalf of the company.

Astaé's objective is to offer them a service that is at least as responsive and diligent as that which the employer enjoys with its own lawyers. In terms of organization and means, we have equipped ourselves with what it takes, without being superfluous, to provide this quality service.

We do not "reinvent the wheel", the sharing of experience is fluid between our lawyers and we know how to capitalize on our know-how.

An uncompromising commitment to our customers

Astaé refuses solicitations from employers in order to avoid any risk of conflict of interest and to offer an uncompromising commitment to its clients.

Astaé does not work for companies: it deals exclusively with the interests of individuals.