The firm was founded in 1992. Soon, the firm's attorneys pleaded notions that were not yet topical, such as moral harassment, discrimination, the obligation of security and unequal treatment of all kinds - towards women, ethnic minorities, seniors, homosexuals...

In 2000, two years before the vote of the first law devoted to this notion, Philippe Ravisy published the first legal work devoted to moral harassment in the workplace. Long before the notion of moral harassment was incorporated into the law, the firm's lawyers were already campaigning for this cause. In fact, they were consulted as experts by a parliamentary group and the Economic and Social Council before the 2002 law was passed.

In 2002, Philippe Ravisy published a second book dedicated to negotiated departures.

As some of the firm's successes have had a high media profile, the firm has been spotted by a growing number of executives, expatriates and other managers who have gradually entrusted it with all the legal aspects of their careers.