Social protection

Social security law is an indispensable complement to labor law when it becomes necessary to address the consequences of work stoppages caused by actions suffered in the workplace or during work (work accident, burn out, depression ...).

It is by dealing with issues of this kind that the firm has developed jurisprudence on work-related accidents and was at the origin of the jurisprudence on the obligation of security of result.

As for retirements, a topic which is particularly relevant for expatriates and executives:

  • Expatriates, when they discover, at the time of claiming their rights, that the contributions paid by their employer do not allow them to benefit from the same supplementary pension benefits as the employees who remained in France ;
  • Executives, when the termination of the relationship causes them to lose the benefit of the funded defined-benefit pension to which they would have been entitled if they had continued to work for the company.