Discrimination and Harassment

Long before the subject was in the news, Astaé's lawyers were already working passionately on the discrimination cases submitted to them, whatever the discriminating criteria. Thus, the firm has had significant successes for women executives who were no longer able to return from maternity leave, for homosexual executives who came up against a glass ceiling, for senior executives who were made to understand that they were too old to envisage a future in the company...

It is also the subject of discrimination that led Astaé's lawyers to represent the interests of female associates discriminated against by the firms in which they practiced.

Another subject on which Astaé's lawyers have been particularly avant-garde is moral harassment. Our work on the notion of moral harassment has been noticed and has contributed to the firm's notoriety.

Astaé is at the origin of several rulings pronounced by the Court of Cassation on this matter as well as on the security obligation owed by the employer to the company's staff.