Legal framework of the mission in France

Astaé are the lawyers for foreigners in France.

Some foreign companies, wishing to expand in France, bring nationals from their own country to France to work in their subsidiary or branch office.

Some French companies also recruit foreign employees to come to France and strengthen their teams by helping them improve their export performance or international visibility.

In all cases, French labor law, which is of public order, will be applicable within the French company.

In the same way as for French expatriates, it is possible that the law of the company resumes at the end of the mission or in case of termination of the French employment contract.

To promote France's attractiveness, the French government has planned a preferential tax regime which notably concerns impatriate leaders (employees or corporate officers) who were not French residents during the 5 years prior to taking up their position. The 2017 Finance Act has extended the period during which the impatriate can benefit from this highly attractive tax regime from 5 to 8 years.

Astaé can provide you with useful information on the very technical subject of French labor law. In addition to the French language, Astaé's lawyers work in English, Portuguese and Spanish.