Rupture after the end of expatriation

It is often when they learn that the original employer is seeking to terminate their employment contract under French law that expatriates are more specifically interested in their rights and the financial conditions of their departure.
This is when it is most important to use the services of lawyers specializing in expatriation. Indeed, it is quite common for employers to try to minimize the cost of terminating an employment contract, whether in the country of expatriation or in France.

Thus, in the event of expatriation, it is not uncommon to see the home company proceed with the dismissal of its employee even though the local employment contract with the host company has not even been terminated.

Similarly, reintegration proposals are often used by the employer to reduce the expatriate's average monthly remuneration before dismissing him or her by paying allowances calculated on these reduced bases. In such situations, it is necessary to consult lawyers who are familiar with the case law decisions that specify which elements of compensation should be taken into account when calculating their allowances.

Only lawyers specialized in expatriation, such as ours, are in a position to enable expatriates to understand the stakes and financial consequences of the employer's decisions. In the event of litigation in the host country, Astaé has a network of correspondents in most geographical areas of expatriation.