Difficulties during expatriation

Expatriates' professional life is likely to be fraught with various difficulties.

Most often, these difficulties arise from the employer's desire to put an early end to the expatriation: gone for a period of 3 years, the employee learns that the parent company wants to repatriate them after 2 years, for example. In this case, it is necessary to use the services of lawyers specializing in expatriation in order to obtain either the retention of the employee for the necessary time (e.g. in the case of children attending school) and, in any case, fair compensation for any prejudice that may be suffered in the event of improper repatriation.

Sometimes difficulties are caused by the management of the host company, with whom a local employment contract may have been signed. In such a case, Astaé's lawyers call upon their network of local lawyers to ensure that the expatriate is perfectly accompanied in the host country.

If the situation evolves towards a breach of contract by the host company, the expatriate generally benefits from the French provisions of the Labor Code granting him/her the right to repatriation to France and reintegration into the company of origin.

Indeed, French law provides for an obligation of repatriation and reintegration of the expatriate. However, it is not uncommon that reintegration in France has not been anticipated and that no serious offer of reintegration is made, or even that upon return the expatriate is demoted or put on the back burner.

It is then necessary to have recourse to real expatriation specialists in order to be able to find acceptable working conditions or assert one's rights.