Negotiated departure

While they have never been undeserving, some of our clients learn, usually during a reorganization project, that they will not be part of the "new" team and that a transactional solution must be considered.

Companies that present things in such a straightforward manner frequently advise their employees to hire a lawyer. Sometimes they even recommend a name, explaining that this choice will make it easier and faster to reach an agreement.

This is typically the situation in which the risk of conflict of interest is the highest and where it is necessary to know how to surround oneself with totally independent professionals.

The solutions that we are able to propose make it possible to avoid the negotiation imposed by the employer and to restore the balance of power to the benefit of the employee. Our vast experience allows us, with the help of third party partners, to quantify as fairly as possible the amount of the prejudice suffered by the manager, while remaining pragmatic (we are familiar with the policy of several large groups). We are always careful to optimize the amount of compensation.