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ASTAE is the first law firm in France dedicated to representing executives, impatriates, expatriates and other employees, in all professions. Our firm is fully committed in protecting and advancing their rights in the workplace.

As part of its commitment to workplace fairness, ASTAE refuses to work for companies or any corporate body to avoid conflict of interest. Its activities are exclusively dedicated to individuals to help, represent and protect them.

Our attorneys advise and represent clients that can be French, or foreigners managing the French subsidiary of a multinational company, in matters involving former employers, current employers, and potential future employers.

Our clients consist of a category of practitioners, known as intrapreneurs. They may not be shareholders at their company, but they are fiercely committed to create value in order to ensure sustainable growth, sometimes at the expense of their personal life and interests. Unfortunately, in some cases, the company does not acknowledge their hard work. It refuses to pay well-deserved benefits and bonuses, and may even ask the employee to leave the company. In those cases, the needs in terms of legal advice are very specific. These people seek specialised and pugnacious attorneys that are as professional and dedicated as the ones representing their firms, but without dogmatism.

Our goal is to offer the best service to meet the expectations and needs of our clients.

A distinct ethical position to avoid conflict of interest

Our attorneys refuse to help, advise or represent any corporate body to avoid conflict of interest, and to remain as fully committed to the cause of our clients as possible.

ASTAE practice is limited to the representation of individuals in labour and employment. Our services, from legal advisory to litigation, are exclusively designed for executives, inpatriates, expatriates, and employees. Our attorneys help them at every step of their professional life (changes in employment contract, wage, mobility…). We offer a range of high quality services, adapted to their situation.

We have developed specific knowledge in terms of executive compensation, benefits, & bonuses. We are familiar with the standard amounts, timing, and other details of compensation, benefits, and bonuses for executives and managers working in multinational companies, in financial institutions (including traders), as well as employees with a specific status (inpatriates, expatriates, professional athletes, journalists…).

In the last 20 years, ASTAE has accumulated a unique expertise in helping, representing and protecting executives, managers, expatriates and inpatriates. We have developed many innovative solutions, confirmed by the French jurisprudence, in matters involving ethical management, discrimination, harassment, and corporate social responsibility.